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European Horizons for the MBA

European Horizons for the MBA

GMAT, the admissions test used by major B-schools as part of the application process, has long been an indicator of the pipeline of demand for business school. The number of tests taken in Latin American has increased by 35% in the past five years, and with it the number of ...

Just what the doctor ordered

A Course That’s Just What the Doctor Ordered

After six years of medical school, a demanding schedule in a busy hospital, family commitments and a mortgage to take care of, the idea of a doctor returning to business school might not seem an obvious choice. Wouldn’t they be better served joining the local golf club? For Hugh O’Neill, a ...

Developing Leaders for Difficult Times

Developing Leaders for Difficult Times

Amidst the wreckage of automakers, insurers and banks, ambitious professionals now need to develop a wider set of skills than ever if they are successfully to climb the corporate ladder. Hard work and technical ability might once have been enough to ensure promotion to the board room or the partnership ...

Teaching Entrepreneurship- Nature or Nurture?

Teaching Entrepreneurship: Nature or Nurture?

Do entrepreneurs really need a business-school education? Among the thousands of business schools now operating around the world you would be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t believe it can teach the skills of entrepreneurship. However, of the people who immediately spring to mind when one thinks of entrepreneurs—Bill Gates, Richard ...

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