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Harvard, Stanford and Humility - the MBA admissions trinity

Harvard, Stanford and Humility – the MBA Admissions Trinity

With 18 applications for each place in the MBA program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and close to 10,000 applicants hoping to join the incoming class at the Harvard Business School, it is no secret that leading MBA programs have a highly competitive admissions process. Schools like Chicago ...

France Looks to the Big League

France Looks to the Big League

Plans to create a French Ivy League are part of the biggest shake-up in French higher education since students threw cobbled stones in les évènements of 1968. Championed by President Nicolas Sarkozy, the idea is to spend €7.7 billion ($10.6 billion) to produce a handful of world-class universities which can ...

Encouraging Growth - WEF

Encouraging Growth

As the financial sector, multinationals and politicians don’t seem to inspire much confidence, could it be time to look instead to another group of potential rescuers: the world’s entrepreneurs? It is impossible to read a newspaper or watch TV any more without getting the impression that the whole world is going ...

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