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It's a Dirty Job, But Some MBA Has To Do It

It’s a Dirty Job, But Some MBA Has To Do It

The findings of the latest Global Snapshot, a survey carried out by Antal, a recruitment agency, will come as a surprise to some. No sooner had the UK announced a 0.9% drop in manufacturing output for the last three months of 2011 than Antal’s global survey concluded that the best hiring ...


The FT MBA Rankings 2012 – Winners and Losers

The Financial Times has just published its 2012 full-time MBA ranking, starting another year of controversy and mistrust that always accompany such media league tables. The headlines will no doubt belong to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, which takes the #1 spot for the first time since the FT MBA ...

The MBA megabucks CEOs

The MBA Megabucks CEOs

The news that Apple CEO Tim Cook earned a massive $378 million in 2011 is a shot in the arm for the idea that the MBA is a road to corporate riches. Admittedly the majority of his remuneration is in the form of stock options that do not vest for ...

Samba Management

Samba Management

Will Brazil become a new source of inspiration for Western business schools? For the past fifteen years, they have mainly looked east. New business schools grew up in such fast-growing countries as China and Singapore, leading to a stream of student and faculty exchanges between Western and Eastern campuses. But a ...

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