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Prof Henry Mintzberg - The Middle Management Crunch

The Middle Management Crunch

In the international HR community, a group of professionals traditionally noted for a collegiate, sharing approach to their work, a potentially messy conflict is brewing. On one side of the philosophical divide are those that believe that all employees should be regarded as ‘talent’. And on the other are the ...

Latin American B-schools - Muy Caliente

Latin American B-Schools: Muy Caliente

Business schools are devoting increasing time to helping students understand the opportunities and challenges inherent in the emerging markets of Asia and, in particular, the economic powerhouse of China. But what of other rising economies, such as those of Latin America? Goldman Sachs identified Brazil as a “one to watch” ...

The MBA Job Market- Brighter Prospects for landing a dream role

The MBA Job Market: Brighter Prospects for Landing a Dream Role

It's looking like 2012 could be a good year for graduating MBAs. Although the first signs of economic recovery are tentative at best, business school students are securing jobs in higher numbers than they have in the past two years. According to the MBA Career Services Council, an association of business ...

First Past the Post

First Past the Post

Perhaps it’s because the Olympic torch is about to start wending its way across Britain (albeit for most of the way in the back of a truck), but there seems to have been an increasing interest in teaching the business aspects of sport recently. EMLYON business school in France, for ...

Join The Smart Set

Join The Smart Set

These days, anyone contemplating taking an executive MBA will be looking for a significant international element to the learning experience. Domestic markets are history. In future, customers and clients are as likely to be on the other side of the globe as the other side of town. Designers of such programmes ...

Getting women into the boardroom

Encouraging Women Into The Boardroom

It is 2082. Under Chinese sovereign fund ownership, Greece has been transformed into a giant theme park devoted to European antiquity, Apple and Facebook have replaced passports with the biographical iPad 12, and in UK boardrooms there are equal numbers of men and women at last. Given current evidence, only ...

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