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Olympian Madmen

Olympian Madmen

“Citius, Altius, Fortius.” When Dominican priest Henri Didon came up with these three words as the motto for the modern Olympic Games in 1894, he got little more than a polite thank you for his trouble. Which is a lot less than the 2012 London Olympic Committee paid the Mad ...

B-School advice - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook and HBS '95

Advice to the B-School Class of 2012

Everyone likes dispensing advice, whether it’s solicited or not, or whether it’s acted on or not. And given that the products of the top business schools often go on to run major companies, it’s perhaps no surprise that the great and good are always queuing up to point them in ...

Santiago Iniguez - Dean of IE Business School

Interview with Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School

Santiago Iñiguez is the Dean of IE Business School. He has been portrayed by the Financial Times as “one of the most significant figures in promoting European business schools internationally”. Iñiguez is Professor of Strategic Management at IE Business School, and in addition to case studies on business management, he is ...

Is management the best antidote to the world’s illnesses?

Is management the best antidote to the world’s illnesses?

MBA Careers - Food, drugs and the MBA

Food, Drugs and MBAs

For most MBA students, the closest they will get to the healthcare sector and agriculture during their time at business school will be the hefty cheques US schools require for medical insurance and the pizza and subs that fuel all-night assignments. Even when the end of study is in sight and ...

Rollodeck Degree

The Rollodeck Degree

It is often said that the most valuable benefit of a business school education is not what is learned in the classroom, or the ability to work all night fuelled only caffeine, but an address book. Pick the right school and a few years down the line you might find ...

MBAT - Learning on the Job

MBAs Learn On The Job

Everyone knows that a top-flight MBA equips you with the tools to join the business elite, setting up and running your own company, or taking your place around the boardroom or partnership table. But how useful is it in training you how to handle the more mundane—if essential—projects that actually ...

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