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"You don't have amateur brain surgeons; why should you have amateur leaders?" Sir Andrew Likierman, Dean of the London Business School

Lessons For Our Leaders

Imagine you hear about the appointment of a new CEO at a major company in which you hold shares. Instead of going for someone with in-depth experience of the sector and a track record of success running large organisations, it's decided to go for an individual who likes making speeches, ...

Why MBAs Need To Embrace Failure

Why MBAs Need To Embrace Failure

A recent article in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper introduced me to what may be one of the most fascinating museums on the planet. Located in Ann Arbor, Mich., the facility run by GfK Custom Research goes under the informal name of  the “Museum of Failed Products” and is a massive ...

Riding the Wave of the MBA Job Market

Riding the Wave of the MBA Job Market

Back in 2009 when the global economy was stumbling like a Saturday-night partygoer, a joke going around business-education circles was: "What would you say to a new MBA in their first job?" The punchline, of course, was: "A Big Mac, fries and a vanilla shake please." Well, the cynics have ...

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