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Business education knits together the worlds of academia and business. Often pioneers in the higher education space, business schools around the world face the challenges of globalisation, increased competition, and the search for pragmatic relevance.

Learning the Language of Business

B-Schools Are Speaking the Language of Business

If you were born and brought up in an English speaking country you might be forgiven for thinking you’ve won one of the big prizes in the lottery of life. After all, isn’t English the world’s language now? OK, there might be a a lot of Mandarin, Spanish and French ...

Why Choose Wharton? Because It's Blue

Why Choose Wharton? Because It’s Blue

In the ever more competitive market for business education, schools are showing themselves willing to spend serious money to get their branding right. Everything from logo, to tone of voice, to the message from the dean on the school’s website is picked over in forensic detail. But how important is ...

More b-school deans should be meteorologists

More B-School Deans Should Be Meteorologists

Both Wharton and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at UNC have recently announced that their deans are stepping down. And in so doing they have added to a growing list of vacancies at major schools that also encompasses INSEAD, Emory’s Goizueta Business School, and Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. In major companies a change at the top can generate enough ...

MBA Happiness Index Graphic.001

Who are the happiest MBA students in the world?

The MBA Happiness Index 2013, which published today in Forbes, indicates that the MBA experience itself is a considerable source of personal happiness. Over 1,100 current students from 12 of the world's leading business schools were asked: - How happy were you 12 months before your MBA? - How happy are you ...

Can Harvard bend it like Beckham

Can Harvard Business School Bend It Like Beckham?

Has Harvard Business School caught travel fever? Since the MBA program decided last year to send all 900 first-year MBA students to the four corners of the world on Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (Field), there seems to be no stopping the school’s newly discovered thirst for global experience. This time the ...

Hult Prize

Hult Prize: Ending Hunger, One Cricket at a Time

If I broke the news to you that MBA students tend to be highly competitive individuals, you may not be too surprised. The Pope is, also, apparently Catholic, and all politicians are credible and reliable. OK, I made the last one up. So on the basis of my first statement, you may ...

Are B-School Leaders Up to the 21st Century's Challenges?

Are Business School Leaders Up to the 21st Century’s Challenges?

Back in November, Eric Labaye, chairman of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), was asked to speak at the Annual Forum of the Council on Business and Society, an alliance of five of the world’s top business schools. In his speech on the challenges and opportunities facing business in the 21st century, ...

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