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Business education knits together the worlds of academia and business. Often pioneers in the higher education space, business schools around the world face the challenges of globalisation, increased competition, and the search for pragmatic relevance.

What Harvard, Haas and Other Top Business Schools Want to Learn About You

What Harvard, Haas and Other Top Business Schools Want to Learn About You

The online community of MBA applicants has been buzzing in the last nine months with discussion of changes to the admissions process at many of the world’s top business schools. To assess the impact of these changes, and better understand what MBA admissions are looking for in their applicants, Pete ...

Canadian Business Schools Join Forces

Canadian Business Schools Join Forces

Some countries get all the luck when it comes to their neighbors. And for most of its history, the US has been fortunate to have some of the world’s least troublesome, actually downright nice, people on its northern border: the Canadians. Canadians just don’t make waves. They get on with everybody. ...

West Coast Innovation

Silicon Synergy – UC Berkeley, UCSF and Stanford Join Forces To Commercialize Innovations

Investors around the world are always on the look out for the next Google, Facebook or Amazon, in the hope of buying in at an early funding round and watching the investment soar. But the source of many of the next big innovations is as likely to be at a ...

Unlocking the B-School Entrepreneur Within

Unlocking the B-School Entrepreneur Within

How can we foster more entrepreneurial spirit and help turn invention and enthusiasm into businesses that create wealth and jobs? The business school community is more than happy to volunteer its services on this—you’d be hard-pressed to find a school these days that doesn’t offer some form of course or program ...

FT 2013 Full-Time MBA Ranking

The FT Full-Time MBA Ranking 2013 – Winners and Losers

The 2013 Full-Time MBA Ranking published by the Financial Times will no doubt grab headlines for the return of the Harvard Business School to the #1 spot for the first time in 8 years. Arguably the most influential business school in the world, Harvard ranked #1 for the first two ...

Harvard Business School ranks #1

Harvard claims #1 position in the FT’s 2013 Full-Time MBA ranking for first time in 8 years

The Harvard Business School celebrates 2013 with the top position in the Financial Times full-time MBA ranking published on 28 January. It is the first time that the school has crowned the FT ranking since 2005, when it shared the top position with The Wharton School. The school was ranked ...

Women in the boardroom

How Male MBAs hold the keys to the Boardroom for Female MBAs

Are business school efforts to attract more women into their programmes missing the point? A guest post from Rachel Killian, Client Services Director at 360 Education. The latest statistics on the number of women who have reached an executive board position in 2012 make grim reading.Within the UK's FTSE 100, just 17% of directorships ...

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