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Business education knits together the worlds of academia and business. Often pioneers in the higher education space, business schools around the world face the challenges of globalisation, increased competition, and the search for pragmatic relevance.

Wharton Team Based Discussion

The Future of MBA Interviewing – Video and Team Based Discussions to Assess the Real You

To evaluate the leadership potential, intellectual ability and personal goals and values of their MBA applicants, business schools have long relied on a stable mix of components – academic transcripts, standardized tests in the form of the GMAT and GRE, a resume, essays and letters of recommendation. A number of schools ...

Monopoly and the High Price of B-School

The High Cost of the High Price of B-School

It’s the end of the holiday season, and many of us are counting the cost of eating and drinking more than we thought possible. Nothing was worth watching on any of several hundred TV channels, and if you couldn’t face talking to your relatives any more, you may have turned ...

Games They Play at Business School

The Games They Play at Business School

If there’s one challenge that never seems to go away at business school campuses around the world, it’s how to keep MBA students motivated, interested, and engaged. After all, if you’re investing a substantial pile of cash in a program, you’re going to expect a lot more for it than ...

Entrepreneurship - In the blood?

Entrepreneurship: In the Blood?

“You are born an entrepreneur. The rest is just a question of revealing your hidden talent.” That, at least, was the view expressed by French businesswoman Aude de Thuin last month when accepting the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon. Given de Thuin’s track ...

Central Saint Martins for design thinking

Bringing Technology and Design to an MBA Near You

It feels like more has been written about the role of business schools in fostering entrepreneurship than practically any other subject in the management education arena in recent years. Acknowledging that no institution, no matter how brilliant its academics may be, can create entrepreneurs out of the student equivalent of ...

B-school partnerships - porcupines making love

Business School Partnerships: Like Porcupines Making Love

It seems that hardly a month goes by without the announcement of a new partnership, alliance or joint venture among international business schools. A recent example saw The University of Southern California, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Italy’s SDA Bocconi coming together to run a three-continent undergraduate ...


The Next Big Thing: Specialized Business Degrees

In the past when I read the latest announcement about an MBA for the Music Industry or an MBA in Pastoral Ministry, I often wondered if the world of business education had either gone mad or lost itself in some sort of marketing overload. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong ...

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