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Business education knits together the worlds of academia and business. Often pioneers in the higher education space, business schools around the world face the challenges of globalisation, increased competition, and the search for pragmatic relevance.

As the B-School World Changes, the Band Plays On

As the Business School World Changes, the Band Plays On

Perhaps the time has come for the great and the good of the business school community to acknowledge that the sector can’t expand forever simply on momentum. Just in case we haven’t had quite enough bad news lately, here’s some more: The word on the streets is that applications to business ...

The High Cost of the MBA’s High Cost

The High Cost of the MBA’s High Cost

According to pop singer Jessie J, in her 2011 hit Price Tag, life shouldn’t be about the pursuit of money. The aim, apparently, should be to make the world dance. (You might want to consult a young person for a more in-depth explanation of this.) Statistics recently released by Harvard Business School, ...

The Appeal of Retail for MBAs

The Appeal of Retail for MBAs

With jobs in retail now offering a wide range of opportunities for graduating MBAs to make their mark, it is no surprise that companies like Apple, Nike, Target, and Gap, are among the most sought-after employers for U.S. B-school students. Back in 2001 when Steve Jobs led a group of journalists into the ...

Riding the Wave of the MBA Job Market

Riding the Wave of the MBA Job Market

Back in 2009 when the global economy was stumbling like a Saturday-night partygoer, a joke going around business-education circles was: "What would you say to a new MBA in their first job?" The punchline, of course, was: "A Big Mac, fries and a vanilla shake please." Well, the cynics have ...

B-School advice - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook and HBS '95

Advice to the B-School Class of 2012

Everyone likes dispensing advice, whether it’s solicited or not, or whether it’s acted on or not. And given that the products of the top business schools often go on to run major companies, it’s perhaps no surprise that the great and good are always queuing up to point them in ...

MBAT - Learning on the Job

MBAs Learn On The Job

Everyone knows that a top-flight MBA equips you with the tools to join the business elite, setting up and running your own company, or taking your place around the boardroom or partnership table. But how useful is it in training you how to handle the more mundane—if essential—projects that actually ...

Getting Science 'Geeks' into the Corner Office

Getting Science ‘Geeks’ into the Corner Office

What often stops scientists and techies from achieving their full potential is an inability to turn a brilliant invention into a money-making enterprise. So what are business schools doing to address this challenge? Think of the most high-profile entrepreneurs of recent years, people who have not just created hugely successful businesses ...

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