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Business education knits together the worlds of academia and business. Often pioneers in the higher education space, business schools around the world face the challenges of globalisation, increased competition, and the search for pragmatic relevance.

The MBA Job Market- Brighter Prospects for landing a dream role

The MBA Job Market: Brighter Prospects for Landing a Dream Role

It's looking like 2012 could be a good year for graduating MBAs. Although the first signs of economic recovery are tentative at best, business school students are securing jobs in higher numbers than they have in the past two years. According to the MBA Career Services Council, an association of business ...

Teaching Leadership to MBAs, European Style

Teaching Leadership to MBAs, European Style

I often wonder about the MBA challenge that comes with sticking a couple of hundred bright and ambitious young professionals in a room, and hoping they will all get along and support one another. Surely there will be personality conflicts, cultural clashes, competition for recognition, and more than the odd ...

Close to the Action

Close to the Action

Even the most passionate champion of management education might concede that there was a time, well within living memory, when the business campuses were little more than ivory towers. MBA students were far too busy poring over case studies to worry about what was going on in the real world ...

Big Noise On Campus

Big Noise On Campus

In a bid to pep up their courses, business schools are turning to showbiz's most flamboyant stars. Since its low-key arrival on the academic scene more than 100 years ago, the now ubiquitous MBA has sat between the ivory towers of the university and the coalface of the business world. Instead ...

It's a Dirty Job, But Some MBA Has To Do It

It’s a Dirty Job, But Some MBA Has To Do It

The findings of the latest Global Snapshot, a survey carried out by Antal, a recruitment agency, will come as a surprise to some. No sooner had the UK announced a 0.9% drop in manufacturing output for the last three months of 2011 than Antal’s global survey concluded that the best hiring ...

The MBA megabucks CEOs

The MBA Megabucks CEOs

The news that Apple CEO Tim Cook earned a massive $378 million in 2011 is a shot in the arm for the idea that the MBA is a road to corporate riches. Admittedly the majority of his remuneration is in the form of stock options that do not vest for ...

Hollywood guide to better business

The Hollywood Guide to Better Business

You can never afford to stop learning in business, but where do you go to get cutting edge insight into effective negotiation, team building or entrepreneurship? Do you really need to invest time and money in an MBA program? Or should you just grab a Coke and a bucket of ...

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