Can a business school really teach you how to make it as an entrepreneur? There was a time when being in a rock band was the ultimate in campus cool. Now it seems that once again being in a startup gives you instant cool, and business schools have a chance to unleash the entrepreneurial dreams of a generation.

Prof John Morgan - UC Berkeley Haas

Entrepreneurs And The Fear Of Loss

Leaving one’s job to become an entrepreneur is inarguably risky. But it may not be the fear of risk that makes entrepreneurs more determined to succeed. A new study finds entrepreneurs are also concerned about what they might lose in the transition from steady employment to startup. In Entrepreneurship and Loss-Aversion ...

Richard Branson

To Teach Entrepreneurship Get Out of the Classroom

The debate about whether or not you can teach entrepreneurship will always divide opinion. But business schools have an opportunity to create the conditions in which an entrepreneurial mindset can flourish, and provide students with the tools and the confidence to take the path toward business creation. They just might ...

Unlocking the B-School Entrepreneur Within

Unlocking the B-School Entrepreneur Within

How can we foster more entrepreneurial spirit and help turn invention and enthusiasm into businesses that create wealth and jobs? The business school community is more than happy to volunteer its services on this—you’d be hard-pressed to find a school these days that doesn’t offer some form of course or program ...

Edu Tech

How Technology Can Help You Get Through Your MBA

Getting into business school, as most readers know all too well, is often a feat in and of itself -- though it rarely stacks up to the struggle that comes when trying to find a market niche. Particularly for entrepreneurs, the possibilities can seem endless. The post that follows may provide ...

Entrepreneurship - In the blood?

Entrepreneurship: In the Blood?

“You are born an entrepreneur. The rest is just a question of revealing your hidden talent.” That, at least, was the view expressed by French businesswoman Aude de Thuin last month when accepting the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the World Entrepreneurship Forum in Lyon. Given de Thuin’s track ...

EM Lyon graduates - new owners of Courrèges

Material Minded – The Fashion Industry Turns to Business Schools

The catwalks and hemlines of Paris and New York are rarely associated with the study of cash flow and net fixed assets so beloved of business schools around the world. And though former supermodel Tyra Banks turned to the Harvard Business School for an executive education course to help with ...

How to be a Hotshot

How to be a Hotshot

Can a business school really teach how to make it as an entrepreneur? If Europe is to take advantage of the apparent ‘green shoots’ of economic recovery it will need more entrepreneurs than ever before, particularly in countries such as Ireland and the UK where government spending cuts are biting. But ...

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