The deans and faculty are the lifeblood and intellectual capital of business schools. Whether unlocking the secrets of marketing and financial models for their MBA students, or producing research that redefines the latest business thinking, their work and expertise can make for an unforgettable learning experience, and change our perspectives on the way we do business. is delighted to feature video interviews, articles and insights from the men and women who define business education of the 21st century.

First Past the Post

First Past the Post

Perhaps it’s because the Olympic torch is about to start wending its way across Britain (albeit for most of the way in the back of a truck), but there seems to have been an increasing interest in teaching the business aspects of sport recently. EMLYON business school in France, for ...

Teaching Leadership to MBAs, European Style

Teaching Leadership to MBAs, European Style

I often wonder about the MBA challenge that comes with sticking a couple of hundred bright and ambitious young professionals in a room, and hoping they will all get along and support one another. Surely there will be personality conflicts, cultural clashes, competition for recognition, and more than the odd ...

John Quelch - Dean at CEIBS

Interview with John Quelch, Dean of CEIBS

John A. Quelch is the Dean of CEIBS. He is also Distinguished Professor of International Management at the Shanghai-based business school. Previously, he was Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Between 1998 and 2001 he was Dean of London Business School. Professor Quelch ...

Bob Bruner - Dean of the Darden Business School

Bob Bruner, Dean of the Darden School of Business

Bob Bruner is dean of the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.A faculty member since 1982 and winner of leading teaching awards, he teaches and conducts research in finance and management. Bruner is one of the world’s few blogging business school deans. He comments on life, business ...

Hollywood guide to better business

The Hollywood Guide to Better Business

You can never afford to stop learning in business, but where do you go to get cutting edge insight into effective negotiation, team building or entrepreneurship? Do you really need to invest time and money in an MBA program? Or should you just grab a Coke and a bucket of ...

Encouraging Growth - WEF

Encouraging Growth

As the financial sector, multinationals and politicians don’t seem to inspire much confidence, could it be time to look instead to another group of potential rescuers: the world’s entrepreneurs? It is impossible to read a newspaper or watch TV any more without getting the impression that the whole world is going ...

Whetting the Appetite of MBAs

Whetting the Appetite of MBAs

Running a business where client demand for your product exceeds supply by a ratio of 250 to 1 may seem like an enviable business model to many MBA students. At its peak, Ferran Adria’s elBulli restaurant in Spain was fielding close to two million requests a year for one of ...

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