Interview with John Quelch, Dean of CEIBS

John Quelch - Dean at CEIBS

John A. Quelch is the Dean of CEIBS. He is also Distinguished Professor of International Management at the Shanghai-based business school. Previously, he was Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Between 1998 and 2001 he was Dean of London Business School. Professor Quelch is well-known for his teaching materials and innovations in pedagogy. Over the past twenty years, his case studies have sold over 3.4 million copies, the third highest in HBS history.


What are the challenges that China faces to develop their leadership and management skills?

John looks at how the pace of growth is demanding a significant increase in the number and caliber of managers in China, and how CEIBS is providing providing students with skills in leadership, change management and human relations management – the supposed ‘soft skills’ that are often the hardest to learn how to do well.

He also talks about Corporate Social Responsibility in China, and a student-led initiative that has meant that CEIBS is the first certified carbon-neutral campus of any business school in the world.

In characteristically candid fashion, he also shares a people management mistake that he made and what he learned from the experience.

And finally, if you ever wondered what John would have done had he not become an academic…



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