Over the past decade, MBA classrooms have become increasingly diverse. Schools attract students from the four corners of the globe and parity between the sexes is making positive strides. When it comes to professional background, a high proportion are still drawn from the ‘usual suspect’ disciplines of engineering, finance and consultancy. But school are actively seeking a more varied pool of students, including those from media, science, law, military, not-for-profits and entrepreneurship.

The HBS Class of '65: 8 women alongside 676 men

Percentage of Women MBAs At The Top Business Schools – 1999 to 2015

We are still a long way from gender parity in the MBA classroom, but the incoming classes at a number of the world's top business schools report a record percentage of women students. Leading the way are US schools such as UC Berkeley Haas, which this year counts 43% female ...

Harvard welcoming to women

Why B-Schools Need to Be More Inviting to Women

Business schools shouldn’t just teach business per se. Instead, they should teach good business, and many are—hence the increasing focus on ethics, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship. So why is it that the efforts of one of the sector’s top players, Harvard Business School, to help redress the gender imbalance in the higher ...

Women in the boardroom

How Male MBAs hold the keys to the Boardroom for Female MBAs

Are business school efforts to attract more women into their programmes missing the point? A guest post from Rachel Killian, Client Services Director at 360 Education. The latest statistics on the number of women who have reached an executive board position in 2012 make grim reading.Within the UK's FTSE 100, just 17% of directorships ...

The Art of the MBA

The Art of the MBA

Over the past decade or so it’s become accepted in the business education world that some of the best value that MBA students get from a year or two in the classroom comes not from their chosen school’s academics but from their peers. This is why all of the leading ...

10 Traits of Women Business Leaders- They’re Not What You Think

10 Traits of Women Business Leaders: They’re Not What You Think

This is a guest post by Elissa Sangster, Executive Director for the Forté Foundation, an organization that promotes women in business and cultivates the next generation of women business leaders by promoting and supporting MBA women. Over the years, Forté has profiled dozens of C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies, and ...

From Olympic Glory to the MBA Masses

From Olympic Glory to the MBA Masses

In the time it takes most MBA students to pull out their notebooks and iPads for a class on microeconomic theory, Usain Bolt would have run clear across campus and been in a cab on his way to discuss his latest lucrative sponsorship offer. At least he would if he ...

Getting women into the boardroom

Encouraging Women Into The Boardroom

It is 2082. Under Chinese sovereign fund ownership, Greece has been transformed into a giant theme park devoted to European antiquity, Apple and Facebook have replaced passports with the biographical iPad 12, and in UK boardrooms there are equal numbers of men and women at last. Given current evidence, only ...

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