Over the past decade, MBA classrooms have become increasingly diverse. Schools attract students from the four corners of the globe and parity between the sexes is making positive strides. When it comes to professional background, a high proportion are still drawn from the ‘usual suspect’ disciplines of engineering, finance and consultancy. But school are actively seeking a more varied pool of students, including those from media, science, law, military, not-for-profits and entrepreneurship.

Harvard, Stanford and Humility - the MBA admissions trinity

Harvard, Stanford and Humility – the MBA Admissions Trinity

With 18 applications for each place in the MBA program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and close to 10,000 applicants hoping to join the incoming class at the Harvard Business School, it is no secret that leading MBA programs have a highly competitive admissions process. Schools like Chicago ...

Rise of the Renaissance MBA

The Rise of the Renaissance MBA

Just how much blame the business community should shoulder for the financial crisis is open to debate. Rather than dwell on what has happened in the past (and the rather embarrassing number of percentage of major players in the crisis who boasted an MBA from a top school), many voices ...

The MBA is no longer just a man's world

The MBA Is No Longer Just a Man’s World

Although progress in the UK is still decidedly slow, it seems that the imbalance between the sexes in the boardroom or around the partnership table is finally being addressed in many corners of the world. In the new economic powerhouse of China, for example, one in three management positions are ...

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects

When employment lawyer Thijs Glasz wanted to broaden the scope of his career outside of the law, the logical step was to join an MBA programme at a major international business school. But if he expected to be rubbing shoulders with fellow legal professionals, he was soon to be put ...

Military and the MBA- Business on the Front Line

The Military and MBAs: Business on the Front Line

Taking an MBA at a major business school has become a well-trodden route for armed services veterans looking for a move into the commercial world. What better way, after all, to get a crash course in the basics of corporate activity, such as marketing, finance and entrepreneurship, that are conspicuous ...

Diversity- Shaking the MBA Martini

Diversity: Shaking the MBA Martini

Her Majesty’s Secret Service is not a typical feeder to the world’s top business schools. But assuming that James Bond could ace the GMAT and provide enough non-classified information in his essays to satisfy the admissions team of his significant accomplishments, then many MBA programs would welcome his perspective on ...

Weaving Creative Careers into an MBA Mix

Weaving Creative Careers into an MBA Mix

With jobs scarcer in such classic fields as finance and consulting, Europe’s MBAs and B-schools are looking into more creative professions. Last year, as the world economy teetered on the edge of economic abyss, there was a simmering panic in business school circles about where the next set of MBA jobs ...

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