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Media rankings of business schools are an integral part of the business school world. There are only two major full-time MBA rankings – the Financial Times and The Economist – that directly compare schools from around the world. BusinessWeek and Forbes create separate lists for U.S. and the rest of the world, while US News & World only focuses on the U.S. market.

There is no ‘best’ business school in the world… but there could be a ‘best’ business school for you.

We do not believe that media rankings should be the most influential factor when identifying the right school for you – the personality of the institution, course length, location, cost, school strengths, alumni, and other personal aspects are key to finding the right fit.
And each media ranking has its own methodology, so it is important to find out what is being measured, and how that applies to you.

In overly simple terms:
Financial Times – bases 40% of the ranking on post-MBA salaries 3 years after graduation.
BusinessWeek – emphasises the satisfaction levels of two core stakeholders: students and recruiters.
Forbes – does a simple calculation of ROI 5 years out from business school.
U.S. News & World – includes a survey of deans and MBA directors, and uses GMAT scores as part of student selectivity.
The Economist – assesses the ability of the MBA to open new career opportunities, as well as the international make-up of the school.

So how much should we read into the results of any of the big five MBA rankings? Each ranking uses a different methodology, and weights the use of different data to produce their league tables, so it is important for candidates to understand what is being measured.

The rankings all measure different things – but what measures of a business school matter to you? Are you focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, strategy…
align school strengths with your priorities

Remember that the methodology of each ranking is subjective in its choice of criteria. The difference between a school ranked #18 or #28 is probably not that great – they will both offer you a world-class business education. In any case, the results might be reversed when looking at a different league table – it all depends on what is being measured, and what matters to you. Gaining entrance to any or all of them is cause to celebrate.

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