MBA Rankings

Media rankings of business schools are an integral part of the business school world. There are only two major full-time MBA rankings – the Financial Times and The Economist – that directly compare schools from around the world. BusinessWeek and Forbes create separate lists for U.S. and the rest of the world, while US News & World only focuses on the U.S. market.

There is no ‘best’ business school in the world… but there could be a ‘best’ business school for you.

To help you in your research, has compiled the results of the big five MBA rankings of the last 12 months to produce the Premiership.
Given that only two of the major full-time MBA rankings directly compare business schools from around the world, whether a one-year or two year programme, the authors encourage candidates to use the comparison with caution. Can you really compare apples and oranges?

We also look at what the major media MBA rankings measure, and analyze the results from the last year. Each media ranking has its own methodology, so it is important to find out what is being measured, and how that applies to you.

We do not believe that media rankings should be the most influential factor when identifying the right school for you – the personality of the institution, course length, location, cost, school strengths, alumni, and other personal aspects are key to finding the right fit. As Bob Bruner, dean of the Darden School asks, “Where can you do your best work?”

MBA Rankings

The latest MBA Rankings – What They Say And What We Miss

The fall season of MBA rankings arrives a little late this year. I think that was also the case for Easter, but I always get confused about full moons, equinoxes and the combining of lunar and Gregorian calendars. So the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) got to fire the first Anglo-Saxon shot ...

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