Premiership 2011 – U.S.

MBA50 Premiership 2011-US

Check out the Premiership results for 2011.

How did the top business schools in the U.S. perform when you combined the results from 12 months of media rankings?

#InstitutionCountryFinancial Times 2011*Business Week (2010)Forbes 2011Economist 2011*US News 2011
1Harvard Business SchoolUSA22142
2Univ of Chicago - BoothUSA61325
3Stanford Univ GSBUSA35271
4Univ of Pennsylvania - WhartonUSA134103
5Columbia Business SchoolUSA49569
6MIT Sloan School of MgmtUSA5101083
7Dartmouth College - TuckUSA914617
8Northwestern Univ - KelloggUSA1147125
9Univ of California at Berkeley - HaasUSA1381357
10Duke Univ - FuquaUSA106121312
11Univ of Virginia - DardenUSA20119313
12New York Univ - SternUSA71818910
13Yale School of MgmtUSA821111610
13Cornell Univ - JohnsonUSA141381516
15Univ of Michigan - RossUSA127142014
16UCLA - AndersonUSA1517201714
17Carnegie Mellon - TepperUSA1915231118
18Emory Univ - GoizuetaUSA1622221823
19Univ of Texas at Austin - McCombsUSA2425172117
20Univ of North Carolina - Kenan-FlaglerUSA3016162819
21Indiana Univ - KelleyUSA3819272423
22Univ of Southern California - MarshallUSA3426391421
23Texas A & M Univ - MaysUSA223024-32
24Georgetown Univ - McDonoughUSA1733352625
25Vanderbilt Univ - OwenUSA2537332228
*Ranking figure above is relative to other U.S. b-schools


Only the U.S. business schools are ranked by all five major media rankings. has calculated their overall performance by looking at each ranking position compared to other U.S. schools, and taking an average of those results divided by five.

In the case of the FT and Economist rankings, if a U.S. business school ranked #45 in the overall FT ranking and #40 in the overall Economist ranking, but among U.S. business schools was #23 in the FT and #15 in The Economist, then the relative U.S. regional figure was used for the calculation, and added to those of BusinessWeek, Forbes and US News, before dividing by five to achieve an average score.

The idea of the Premiership is to compare the performance of schools in multiple rankings, and therefore does not include the many good U.S. business schools that appear in fewer than four rankings.

Candidates should remember that this is not scientific approach, and there is no attempt to weight any one ranking greater than the others. As stated before, each ranking uses a different methodology and measures different things with the inherent limitations of each assessment, so doing particularly well in one ranking and less well in another is reflected in the overall average score.

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