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For the fifth consecutive year, has compiled the results of the big five MBA rankings of the last twelve months to produce the Premiership 2015.

Though Stanford GSB might be the school of the year in terms of MBA applicant numbers and selectivity, when it comes to the 2015 rankings Harvard Business School has returned to the #1 spot on the back of the school’s top placement in the FT and BusinessWeek. Stanford meanwhile falls to #3.

Chicago Booth maintains the #2 position, with Wharton narrowly maintaining it’s place at #4 ahead of Kellogg, whose consistent results across the board were led by strong showings in Forbes and BusinessWeek. The fabled M7 schools occupy the first seven places in the ranking of rankings, but UC Berkeley Haas, which is one of only five business schools to make the top 10 in each of the media rankings is only fractionally behind this group.

Yale SOM makes the top 10 for the first time in 2015, based on consistent results that range from #9 in the FT to #13 in The Economist and US News. Meanwhile the change in the methodology at BusinessWeek which saw Duke Fuqua lose the crown it held last year has resulted in a fall of three places in the overall ranking of rankings to #12. UCLA Anderson maintains it’s steady climb of the past three years to take the #13 spot, and UT Austin moves back into the top 20 on the back of the strong ROI calculated by Forbes.

Should schools be more selective about the rankings they participate in? Beyond the top 20, neither Texas A&M nor Brigham Young appear in the international rankings of the FT and The Economist, relying on their solid performance in the three US media rankings to forge their reputation. Indeed the volatility of the results at BusinessWeek and The Economist, including many double-digit rises and falls, undermine what is already a hotly debated measure of quality.  In rankings we must?

2015 Rank2014 Rank2013 Rank2012 Rank2011 RankInstitutionFT 2015*BusWeek 2015Economist 2015*USNews 2015Forbes 2015
13111Harvard Bus Sch11422
22322Univ of Chicago - Booth62146
31233Stanford Univ GSB371111
44444Univ of Pennsylvania - Wharton25837
56577Northwestern Univ - Kellogg83663
65865Columbia Bus Sch461084
78656MIT Sloan Sch of Mgmt541259
810998Univ of California at Berkeley - Haas79578
97689Dartmouth College - Tuck1214395
1011161515Yale Sch of Mgmt911131311
1013111010Univ of Virginia - Darden161231016
129101211Duke Univ - Fuqua118141312
1311131413Univ of Michigan - Ross1310171115
1314151716UCLA - Anderson141371517
1515111112Cornell Univ - Johnson1516151610
1515141314New York Univ - Stern102491118
1718182020Univ of North Carolina - Kenan-Flagler1817211813
1817171617Carnegie Mellon - Tepper1718192019
1921191919Univ of Texas at Austin - McCombs1921251714
2019201818Emory Univ - Goizueta2815162125
2120212121Indiana Univ - Kelley3028182120
2238312829Texas A&M - Mays-22-2724
2324293330Univ of Washington - Foster2520242330
24----Brigham Young-27-3321
2522232222Georgetown Univ - McDonough2026262441
2528333732Michigan State - Broad2630223722
2725302523Rice University - Jones2119303339
283327--Georgia Tech - Scheller3223-3033
2926243031Washington Univ - Olin3735271931
3027242325Vanderbilt Univ - Owen2934232739
3123222727Univ of Notre Dame - Mendoza4531292523
3232342524Univ of Southern California - Marshall2725422538
3330282425Ohio State - Fisher3439203043
3431323236Univ of Maryland - Smith2433284146
35292631Minnesota - Carlson4245342727
3637352928Wisconsin Sch of Bus3546353329
3734373433Penn State - Smeal4443373728
3834403635Univ of Rochester - Simon4336323744
394441--Arizona State - Carey3949313047
4036363838Purdue Univ - Krannert2353-5332
4141423937SMU - Cox3932464837
424946--Univ of Florida - Hough-41363750
434044--UC Irvine2154-5342
4446394039Univ of Iowa - Tippie31554443-
4642---Pittsburg - Katz5044414835
47434241-Boston Univ4148404348
484747--Univ of Georgia - Terry-51435336
49----George Washington46404558-
50----Babson College3856-62-
*Ranking figure above is relative to other U.S. b-schools

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Only the U.S. business schools are ranked by all five major media rankings. has calculated their overall performance by looking at each ranking position compared to other U.S. schools, and taking an average of those results divided by the number of rankings in which they appeared.

Candidates should remember that this is not scientific approach, and there is no attempt to weight any one ranking greater than the others. As stated before, each ranking uses a different methodology and measures different things with the inherent limitations of each assessment, so doing particularly well in one ranking and less well in another is reflected in the overall average score.

In the case of the FT and Economist rankings, if a U.S. business school ranked #45 in the overall FT ranking and #40 in the overall Economist ranking, but among U.S. business schools was #23 in the FT and #15 in The Economist, then the relative U.S. regional figure was used for the calculation, and added to those of BusinessWeek, Forbes and US News, before dividing by five to achieve an average score.

The idea of the Premiership is to compare the performance of schools in multiple rankings, and therefore does not include the many good U.S. business schools that appear in fewer than three rankings.

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