Percentage of Women MBAs At The Top Business Schools – 1999 to 2015

The HBS Class of '65: 8 women alongside 676 men

We are still a long way from gender parity in the MBA classroom, but the incoming classes at a number of the world’s top business schools report a record percentage of women students. Leading the way are US schools such as UC Berkeley Haas, which this year counts 43% female students, followed by Stanford GSB, Harvard and Wharton. This is the sixth consecutive year that Wharton has at least 40% women in the MBA.

In Europe, which typically attracts applicants at a later stage in their career, the London Business School has achieved it’s highest percentage to date with 36%. But top schools in Spain and Switzerland are struggling to make inroads, with numbers below 30%.

University of California at Berkeley: HaasUS4329322930283031353227243029313638
Stanford Graduate School of BusinessUS4236353439343638323235353738413030
Harvard Business SchoolUS4141403936363836353834353536323030
University of Pennsylvania: WhartonUS4042424440403637363233333432283030
MIT: SloanUS3934333835383530313031262427272727
Yale School of ManagementUS3739353637343434383434293326283134
University of Chicago: BoothUS3635353535353535312826293122262022
Columbia Business SchoolUS3636373535333233353133303234353636
London Business SchoolUK3632333128272523282223232633232425
New York University: SternUS3640373336384139343333343734403943
Northwestern University: KelloggUS3536353431333434313129283128323232
Duke University: FuquaUS3432333730383936292229303430413532
UCLA: AndersonUS3334342831353534283332332730272930
Hong Kong UST Business SchoolChina333635333437402852444853664552
University of Oxford: Sa•dUK322827262430272421231421222025
University of Virginia: DardenUS3230352929292931212421272630282329
Dartmouth College: TuckUS3233343335333335333125243232313231
University of Michigan: RossUS3233303130333434343131242828262830
University of Cambridge: JudgeUK3027292926282332312523333523
HEC ParisFrance3024363226262926292922182826322319
Cornell University: JohnsonUS2931323029333526242728272628272526
IE Business SchoolSpain2827293029303436363636384041393635
Carnegie Mellon: TepperUS27212729252521252122202222252925
Iese Business SchoolSpain2226202224252528242322252620242124

Data compiled by Max Symonds and Fortuna Admissions

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