Interview with Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School

Santiago Iniguez - Dean of IE Business School

Santiago Iñiguez is the Dean of IE Business School. He has been portrayed by the Financial Times as “one of the most significant figures in promoting European business schools internationally”. Iñiguez is Professor of Strategic Management at IE Business School, and in addition to case studies on business management, he is also author and co-author of many articles and books, including “The Learning Curve”.



Is management the best antidote to the world’s illnesses?

In this interview with Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of the IE Business School in Madrid, he expresses his belief that management is the best antidote to most of the world’s illness.

He also talks about breaking the rules at IE, and adding undergraduate programs beyond business: law, psychology, architecture and int’l relations as part of a new university venture. The purpose of including humanities and the arts in the curriculum is to develop well rounded human beings and global citizens that are well equipped – teaching history helps you to take better decision for the future, while music or the arts make for more reflective managers.

On a personal note, Iñiguez talks about what he would have wanted to be if he were not a dean, and had never worked in a business school.



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