Judging by the enrollment numbers, distance learning business education is a resounding success story. For a growing number of busy professionals, this is the ideal option for changing times, combining study with a reassuring monthly pay packet.
Advances in technology, and an increasingly mobile audience of professionals around the globe have given rise to a number of mass-market providers who count their students in the thousands.

Edu Tech

How Technology Can Help You Get Through Your MBA

Getting into business school, as most readers know all too well, is often a feat in and of itself -- though it rarely stacks up to the struggle that comes when trying to find a market niche. Particularly for entrepreneurs, the possibilities can seem endless. The post that follows may provide ...

We have reason to be optimistic

Business Schools Have Reason to Be Optimistic About the Future

The common logic is that demand for an MBA is counter-cyclical with the rest of the economy. When business booms, young professionals are keen to make the most of a buoyant job market rather than spend their time studying. But when business heads south, applications to MBA programmes typically soar ...

Flexible learning

Flexible Learning: Freedom to Steer Your Life in Any Direction

While business schools may devote a lot of energy and expertise in helping students understand the mysteries of economic cycles, they’re also no stranger to the laws of supply and demand themselves. In recent years, the rise in applicant numbers for the full-time MBA has coincided with a weak job ...

Distance MBA- A Triumph of Democracy?

Distance MBA: A Triumph of Democracy?

Whether the revolution in communication technology, with its culture of instant access, has made our lives easier is open to debate. But what is certainly true is that it has changed the face of business education. Once the poor relation of its campus-based equivalent, the distance-learning MBA has become a ...

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