Exec MBA

The Exec MBA has been one of the growth stories of business education in the last 10 years. The weekend formats for students within a 50-mile drive of the campus are now competing with an array of global modular programs with blended distance learning.
Business schools are partnering to offer a direct path to the C-suite, or an invaluable managerial skill set to complement technical expertise or entrepreneurial experience.

Passport to success

A Passport to Success

In recent months Harvard Business School has received much publicity about its FIELD 'global immersion experience' - the dispatch of nearly all of its 907-strong MBA class to assignments in countries as disparate as Argentina, China and South Africa. Critics argue that seven days provides little more than educational tourism, rather ...

Samba Management

Samba Management

Will Brazil become a new source of inspiration for Western business schools? For the past fifteen years, they have mainly looked east. New business schools grew up in such fast-growing countries as China and Singapore, leading to a stream of student and faculty exchanges between Western and Eastern campuses. But a ...

Lessons in Diplomacy

Lessons in Diplomacy – Negotiating Your Next Career Step

Once the world economy moves beyond debt crisis and political gridlock, the ‘war for talent’, which has dwindled to little more than a playground squabble in some sectors, may be back on with a vengeance. Of course, the nice thing about this will be that instead of keeping your head down ...

The Art of Business Leadership

The Art of Business Leadership

Thirty years ago top business schools had a simple philosophy about how to teach students the essence of good business leadership. All you had to do was examine how the people who ran successful companies went about dealing with problems and opportunities and then follow their example. After a while, however, ...

Going global - a new breed of Executive MBA

Going Global: A New Breed of Executive MBA

The world’s top full-time MBA programs have enjoyed several years of rising applicant numbers, fuelled by the struggling economy and strong international demand, notably from Asia. But with an improving global jobs market, many schools are now seeing a fall in full-time MBA applications. However, what may be bad news ...

Just what the doctor ordered

A Course That’s Just What the Doctor Ordered

After six years of medical school, a demanding schedule in a busy hospital, family commitments and a mortgage to take care of, the idea of a doctor returning to business school might not seem an obvious choice. Wouldn’t they be better served joining the local golf club? For Hugh O’Neill, a ...

A Smart Investment?

A Smart Investment?

After the Ferrari and the Rolex, is an Executive MBA (EMBA) the final accessory for the person who has everything? While a standard MBA has always called for students to have deep pockets, a sympathetic bank manager or even more supportive families, the cost of the executive version has traditionally ...

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