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The struggling world economy and a demographic boom saw MBA applicant numbers grow in recent years. But the last two years have seen a 10 to 15% decline in applications to many of the world’s top business schools. Is the market for the full-time MBA beginning to shift? The dominance of the 2-year MBA programme at US business schools has been severely tested in recent years, and the latest data suggests that applicants from around the world are now showing greater interest in shorter programs in Western Europe and Asia.

B-Schools - go global or die?

B-Schools: Go Global or Die?

No one in their right mind would claim that there is such a thing as a best place in the world to conduct business. After all, how could you compare the City of London to an Indian technology hub like Bangalore? Or Silicon Valley to one of the rapidly developing ...


The FT MBA Rankings 2012 – Winners and Losers

The Financial Times has just published its 2012 full-time MBA ranking, starting another year of controversy and mistrust that always accompany such media league tables. The headlines will no doubt belong to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, which takes the #1 spot for the first time since the FT MBA ...

The Asian Renaissance

The Asian Renaissance

If there was any doubt left that the economic balance of power has tipped eastwards, it was laid to rest when European governments turned to countries such as China to bail them out of the eurozone crisis. The harsh reality for the West is that the most exciting business opportunities ...

Harvard, Stanford and Humility - the MBA admissions trinity

Harvard, Stanford and Humility – the MBA Admissions Trinity

With 18 applications for each place in the MBA program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and close to 10,000 applicants hoping to join the incoming class at the Harvard Business School, it is no secret that leading MBA programs have a highly competitive admissions process. Schools like Chicago ...

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MBA50 Premiership 2011-US

MBA50.com Premiership 2011 – U.S.

Check out the MBA50.com Premiership results for 2011. How did the top business schools in the U.S. perform when you combined the results from 12 months of media rankings? Methodology Only the U.S. business schools are ranked by all five major media rankings. MBA50.com has calculated their overall performance by looking at each ...

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