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Business schools offer an array of MBA study options, from the one or two year full-time MBA programme typically for career switchers or career enhancers, the part-time MBA for young professionals looking to develop their managerial skill set while maintaining their current position, the Executive MBA for experienced managers aiming for a more senior executive position, and distance learning MBAs for those who want to study where they want, when they want.
The chances are you can find the format, course length, and focus, that is right for you.
Choose from one of the options below for more details, trends and analysis.

Getting MBA Edge Step 2 - Rankings

Getting the MBA Edge: Step 2 – Rankings and Priorities

(This 7-step MBA Admissions series is produced by Fortuna Admissions, a team of former Directors of Admissions from Wharton, INSEAD, Chicago Booth, London Business School, IE and UC Berkeley Haas). While it is tempting to strictly go by the rankings of top business schools in deciding where you would like to ...

Business Schools in Africa

Are B-Schools Missing the Boat in Africa?

According to everyone’s favorite Irish rock star and world-saver, Bono, “Africa is a continent in flames. We’re standing around with watering cans, when what we really need is the fire brigade.” Africa is by no means the economic disaster area of popular perception, however. As James W. Dean Jr, dean ...

The Appeal of Retail for MBAs

The Appeal of Retail for MBAs

With jobs in retail now offering a wide range of opportunities for graduating MBAs to make their mark, it is no surprise that companies like Apple, Nike, Target, and Gap, are among the most sought-after employers for U.S. B-school students. Back in 2001 when Steve Jobs led a group of journalists into the ...

Why MBAs Need To Embrace Failure

Why MBAs Need To Embrace Failure

A recent article in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper introduced me to what may be one of the most fascinating museums on the planet. Located in Ann Arbor, Mich., the facility run by GfK Custom Research goes under the informal name of  the “Museum of Failed Products” and is a massive ...

Rollodeck Degree

The Rollodeck Degree

It is often said that the most valuable benefit of a business school education is not what is learned in the classroom, or the ability to work all night fuelled only caffeine, but an address book. Pick the right school and a few years down the line you might find ...

Getting Science 'Geeks' into the Corner Office

Getting Science ‘Geeks’ into the Corner Office

What often stops scientists and techies from achieving their full potential is an inability to turn a brilliant invention into a money-making enterprise. So what are business schools doing to address this challenge? Think of the most high-profile entrepreneurs of recent years, people who have not just created hugely successful businesses ...

The Bourne Education

The Bourne Education

You don't need Jason Bourne's drawer full of fake passports to flit around the world hobnobbing with the powerful these days. Given the way that governments have bailed out banks, industrial giants and failing European economies in recent years, it's clear that business and politics are closely intertwined, and MBA ...

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