Part Time

The part-time MBA offers the same course and qualification as the full-time programme, but without requiring the significant years of professional experience for an Executive MBA.
Student numbers in part-time MBA programmes in North America are often higher than for full-time programmes. The appeal of gaining the same MBA qualification without giving up your job is a reassuring solution for many, though it requires hard work and good time management.
Now Europe is joining the party, with a growing number of part time programmes on offer, aimed at younger professionals ready to combine work with study.

We have reason to be optimistic

Business Schools Have Reason to Be Optimistic About the Future

The common logic is that demand for an MBA is counter-cyclical with the rest of the economy. When business booms, young professionals are keen to make the most of a buoyant job market rather than spend their time studying. But when business heads south, applications to MBA programmes typically soar ...

Lessons in Diplomacy

Lessons in Diplomacy – Negotiating Your Next Career Step

Once the world economy moves beyond debt crisis and political gridlock, the ‘war for talent’, which has dwindled to little more than a playground squabble in some sectors, may be back on with a vengeance. Of course, the nice thing about this will be that instead of keeping your head down ...

Flexible learning

Flexible Learning: Freedom to Steer Your Life in Any Direction

While business schools may devote a lot of energy and expertise in helping students understand the mysteries of economic cycles, they’re also no stranger to the laws of supply and demand themselves. In recent years, the rise in applicant numbers for the full-time MBA has coincided with a weak job ...

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