The deans and faculty are the lifeblood and intellectual capital of business schools. Whether unlocking the secrets of marketing and financial models for their MBA students, or producing research that redefines the latest business thinking, their work and expertise can make for an unforgettable learning experience, and change our perspectives on the way we do business. is delighted to feature video interviews, articles and insights from the men and women who define business education of the 21st century.

10 Traits of Women Business Leaders- They’re Not What You Think

10 Traits of Women Business Leaders: They’re Not What You Think

This is a guest post by Elissa Sangster, Executive Director for the Forté Foundation, an organization that promotes women in business and cultivates the next generation of women business leaders by promoting and supporting MBA women. Over the years, Forté has profiled dozens of C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies, and ...

New Delhi Market

To Expand Its Economy, India Needs MBA Talent

Can the waves of MBAs now graduating from the country’s Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), or returning to their home country, make a difference to Indian economic growth? In the summer of 2008, Goldman Sachs produced a report arguing that India could be 40 times bigger by 2050. The authors of ...

How to be a Hotshot

How to be a Hotshot

Can a business school really teach how to make it as an entrepreneur? If Europe is to take advantage of the apparent ‘green shoots’ of economic recovery it will need more entrepreneurs than ever before, particularly in countries such as Ireland and the UK where government spending cuts are biting. But ...

Why MBAs Need To Embrace Failure

Why MBAs Need To Embrace Failure

A recent article in the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper introduced me to what may be one of the most fascinating museums on the planet. Located in Ann Arbor, Mich., the facility run by GfK Custom Research goes under the informal name of  the “Museum of Failed Products” and is a massive ...

Olympian Madmen

Olympian Madmen

“Citius, Altius, Fortius.” When Dominican priest Henri Didon came up with these three words as the motto for the modern Olympic Games in 1894, he got little more than a polite thank you for his trouble. Which is a lot less than the 2012 London Olympic Committee paid the Mad ...

Santiago Iniguez - Dean of IE Business School

Interview with Santiago Iñiguez, Dean of IE Business School

Santiago Iñiguez is the Dean of IE Business School. He has been portrayed by the Financial Times as “one of the most significant figures in promoting European business schools internationally”. Iñiguez is Professor of Strategic Management at IE Business School, and in addition to case studies on business management, he is ...

MBA Careers - Food, drugs and the MBA

Food, Drugs and MBAs

For most MBA students, the closest they will get to the healthcare sector and agriculture during their time at business school will be the hefty cheques US schools require for medical insurance and the pizza and subs that fuel all-night assignments. Even when the end of study is in sight and ...

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