The deans and faculty are the lifeblood and intellectual capital of business schools. Whether unlocking the secrets of marketing and financial models for their MBA students, or producing research that redefines the latest business thinking, their work and expertise can make for an unforgettable learning experience, and change our perspectives on the way we do business. is delighted to feature video interviews, articles and insights from the men and women who define business education of the 21st century.

Peter Zemsky - Deputy Dean at INSEAD

Interview with Peter Zemsky, Deputy Dean at INSEAD

Peter Zemsky is Deputy Dean of Degree Programmes at INSEAD. He is also a Professor of Strategy, teaching the core competitive strategy course in the MBA and Executive MBA program. Peter's research includes focus on the sustainability of competitive advantage, time-based competition, and the choice of generalist versus focused strategies. ...

Sir Andrew Likierman - Dean of the London Business School

Interview with Sir Andrew Likierman, Dean of the London Business School

Sir Andrew Likierman is the Dean of the London Business School. He is also currently a non-executive Director of Barclays Bank plc and the Chairman of the National Audit Office. He has been President of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. In the field of corporate governance, he was a member ...

Samba Management

Samba Management

Will Brazil become a new source of inspiration for Western business schools? For the past fifteen years, they have mainly looked east. New business schools grew up in such fast-growing countries as China and Singapore, leading to a stream of student and faculty exchanges between Western and Eastern campuses. But a ...

Teaching Entrepreneurship- Nature or Nurture?

Teaching Entrepreneurship: Nature or Nurture?

Do entrepreneurs really need a business-school education? Among the thousands of business schools now operating around the world you would be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t believe it can teach the skills of entrepreneurship. However, of the people who immediately spring to mind when one thinks of entrepreneurs—Bill Gates, Richard ...

Startups for Upstarts

Startups for Upstarts

Business schools have a chance to unleash the entrepreneurial dreams of a generation—they should jump at it. There was a time when being in a rock band was the ultimate in campus cool. Now it seems that once again being in a startup gives you instant cool, particularly for the business ...

Active Lessons in Sustainability

Active Lessons in Sustainability

When it comes to teaching sustainability and corporate social responsibility in business school, a blend of theory and action may succeed best. There will always be a few adherents of old-fashioned, “robber baron” capitalism with the view that sustainability—not to mention the whole concept of corporate social responsibility—has no place in ...

Management and the World Cup

Management and the World Cup

For the last four weeks there’s been no shortage of bar-room and armchair pundits with an opinion whether it’s players or managers who are really responsible for World Cup goals (or the lack of them). But where do the professionals who are paid to study and teach the art of ...

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