What Are Global Recruiters Looking For In Young Managers?

Sander Nieuwenhuizen, Vice President for Recruitment at Shell

Does having a global mindset make a difference in the skill set of a modern business graduate? For Sander Nieuwenhuizen, Vice President for Recruitment at Shell, the energy and petrochemicals giant, it does. The company hires 1,200 graduates every year, and sees a real advantage in attracting individuals who are truly internationally motivated and who have already integrated an international component into their studies.

Shell is a corporate partner of CEMS, an alliance of 29 business schools whose top-ranked Masters in International Management graduates over 1,000 young professionals on four continents. Very few CEMS students are studying in a university in a country whose passport they carry, and have embraced and incorporated into their personalities this global mindset and being an ambassador of internationalism. The relationship provides a pipeline of talent that Sanders values for the adaptability and flexibility that their studies have encouraged.

“These graduates have a collaborative mindset, and have a different type of competitiveness than MBAs which is nice. And in a company like Shell, where collaboration and teamwork and the capability to think broadly are important, it’s another quality that we recognise.”

In this video interview, Sanders also discusses how the Corporate Partnership with CEMS enables the company to contribute to the creation, implementation and delivery of the local curricula, as a way to influence follow what is happening in management education.

For CEMS Executive Director, Roland Siegers, this relationship contributes to the development of graduates with well-rounded personalities. The programme emphasises not only the analytical skills that are essential for recruiters, but also the soft skills they need to develop. “How they behave as managers and how they interact with other human beings is really what business is about. So they pay attention to the communication aspect and the context of where they are operating and who they are.”

For the full interview on Forbes, click here.

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